Profession In Rubber, Silicone, Butyl Rubber, Plastic and Ceramics Machine.

About Us

    Zhejiang Kingno Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in beautiful Zhoushan City. With more than 30 years continuous development, we have become Chinese leading machinery manufacturer in rubber machinery, silicone machinery, butyl rubber machinery, plastic machinery, ceramic machinery, solid watercolor pigment machinery, electric machinery and screw barrel. We mainly produce rubber extruder, rubber single hose extrusion machine, rubber braided hose extrusion machine, rubber microwave vulcanization extrusion machine, rubber profile strip extrusion machine, steel strip rubber profile extrusion machine, rubber high pressure oil hose extrusion machine, rubber foam hose extrusion machine, magnet rubber strip extrusion machine, butyl rubber extrusion machine, adhesive tape extrusion machine, silicone extruder, silicone single hose extrusion machine, silicone braided hose extrusion machine, silicone profile extrusion machine, silicone compound extrusion machine, silicone breathing machine spiral hose extrusion machine, silicone foam extrusion machine, silicone wire extrusion machine, plastic single screw extruder, conical double screw extruder, plastic hose extrusion machine, plastic profile extrusion machine, plastic welding rod extrusion machine,elastomer sex toys extruder, steel strip skeleton plastic profile extrusion machine, honeycomb ceramic extruder, solid watercolor pigment extrusion machine, CCV cable extrusion machine, sheathed cable machine, insulated cable machine, microwave vulcanization machine, hot air vulcanization machine, infrared vulcanizationmachine, caterpillar, haul off, cutting machine, screw barrel, extrusion die head mold and other professional equipments and products.

Now we have passed EU CE Certification, have modern production base covering a total area of over 20,000 square meters. So far, our products have been extended all over the national and exported to more than 40 courtiers around the world. We have rich experience in rubber, silicone, plastic, electric wire, ceramic and solid watercolor pigment extrusion machinery industry. Make your production processing more convenient, better quality products, higher profits.